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Bucket Truck Services LLC

BTS Tree Division

Tree Removal​

Storm Damage​

Tree Trimming

Bucket Truck Services will safely and efficiently remove your dangerous or unwanted tree.
  • We respect and protect your property and landscaping
  • All undesired wood and debris is hauled away
  • Our expert team can remove any size tree from any location
Storms can have a devastating effect on your home and property, especially where your trees are concerned. Dead branches, leaves, and even whole trees can be scattered all over your land by strong winds. In some of these cases, you may not have the skill, tools, or experience to clean up your yard or keep your house safe after a storm.
Trees can be a wonderful addition to your property. It can make your home look more inviting and relaxing from the outside, and the shade it provides can give you respite from the heat of the sun. But for a tree to be able to do these things, it needs to be trimmed on a regular basis.

Stump Removal

Lot Clearing 

And More!

Our top-of-the-line hydraulic stump grinders allow us to remove stumps and root systems allowing grass or more desirable plants to grow where tree stumps once were.
When your property needs to be cleared, turn to Bucket Truck Services! Customers depend on us when they need their lots cleared for safety reasons, to begin a new construction project, or simply to provide a clean, uniform look to their property.